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Child Growth Tracker App for Windows

Track your child’s development with this easy-to-use app by Dr. Albert Smolyar MD. Compare your child’s weight and height to other children their age. View growth charts based on CDC data. Get tips and recommendations! Features Displays weight & height percentiles based on growth charts Displays trend graphs Track multiple children Provides tips and […]

Pregnancy: Repeat C-section or VBAC?

For online VBAC Calculator, click here. Should you attempt Vaginal Delivery after Cesarean (VBAC) in your next pregnancy, or is Elective Repeat C-section a safer option for you? ┬áThis great new app will help you make this potentially life changing decision.┬áThe app by Dr. Albert MD utilizes statistical data from more than a hundred of […]

Weight & BMI Tracker App for Windows

Track your weight and BMI with this cool app! You can also use it to track your child weight and height percentiles! GET IT NOW!

BMI Calculator for Windows

The most wonderful BMI Calculator ever! Also works great for babies and children! GET IT NOW!